Camping Tent Main TentA tent has been developed, in cooperation with Messrs Heimplanet, that can be used independently or can be connected to the luggage compartment of your car with...


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Camping Tent Main Tent
A tent has been developed, in cooperation with Messrs Heimplanet, that can be used independently or can be connected to the luggage compartment of your car with the aid of a special vehicle sluice. The tent is constructed according to the geodetic principle. The inflatable geodetic grid structure is formed by the double walled air struts. This guarantees an extremely stable structure. Furthermore it is very easily erected, i.e. unpack tent, roll out, inflate, finished. A simultaneous inflation of air frame, inner tent and outer tent thanks to the one pump system. Special feature: an accurately fitting vehicle sluice assures a weatherproof connection between vehicle and tent. The vehicle and the tent become one unit and the usable interior is extended. The integrated front panel of the tent allows the tent to be used without the vehicle. Two separate sun awnings offer protection within the opposing entrances. Six closable openings guarantee good ventilation in the tent. The floor can be separated from the tent via a zipper. The tent can then be used without the floor. The tent offers a generous interior with standing height. A separate and removable booth allow 2-3 people to sleep and offers additional pockets for regularly used items. The material of the outer tent has a water head of 4000 mm and the tent floor 5000 mm. The tent can stand in winds of up to 70 km/h with the aid of the 8 tent pegs. For winds of a greater strength the tent must be additionally secured with restrainers and pegs. Please refer to separate figure for dimensions of the tent.

* The tent should only be placed in the bag when completely dry. This is the only way to prevent mould, mildew, odours and stains forming. If the tent has to be packed away in a damp condition it must be re-erected as quickly as possible (possibly within 24 hours) so that it can dry completely.
* Soiling is best wiped off using lukewarm water and a soft brush or sponge and rinse off using plenty of water. Heavy soiling should be carefully removed using pH-neutral detergent. We recommend waterproofing with a commercially available waterproofing agent after cleaning.
* Not suitable for models with the offroad style package.

* Co-branding Messrs Heimplanet in inner tent
* The tent must be assembled before first use. i.e. the support frame must be joined to the outer tent including inner tent. Therefore all attachments such as the floor, sun awning and vehicle sluice must be secured on the tent. This must only be undertaken once. When dismantling the tent these are packed together in the bag. When next erecting the tent, it is only removed from the bag, laid out and inflated.
* Damage cannot be excluded even with the most robust materials. Each of the air struts has a sleeve and an inner lying hose. The inner lying hose can be easily repaired or exchanged. The air strut system can be divided up into separate chambers (closure on the lower 4 corners), this assures an emergency stability as the other intact air struts remain stable. Most damage can be repaired or parts replaced. Replacement parts or contacts reference repairs are available on request.
* We recommend that the initial assembly be undertaken using at least 2 people. It will take approx. 1.5 hours. We recommend that the initial assembly be undertaken at home, for this reason.
* The dismantling and the subsequent following assembly then takes only a few minutes. The inflation of the support frame is undertaken using a commercial double-stroke air pump (max. 1 bar).
* The exhaust system must have cooled before connecting to the vehicle!
* The vehicle engine must not be started if the tent is connected to the vehicle via the sluice!
* The vehicle equipment compressor is not suitable for the inflation of the support frame, as it produces a greater pressure and will overheat when used for longer periods. This may cause the compressor to become defective and therefore could no longer be used for its prime purposed of inflating tyres in a breakdown.

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